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Cotre Alu 53
(16,18 m) - 2011

Layout :

  • Length : 16,18 m (53' 0")
  • Beam : 4,76 m (15'61")
  • Draft : 2,25 m (7'38")
  • Air draft : 22 m (72'17")
  • Displacement (light) : 17,5 Tons
  • Lead ballast : 5009 KG
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Rigging : Cutter
  • Engine : Perkins M92 B 87 HP

French flag. Taxes paid for New Caledonia. Taxes not paid for French Polynesia.

Based in French Polynesia

Price : 45,94 M XPF / 385 000 €

Unique sailboat and well equipped.

Completely self-sufficient for water and power and ready to go.

Interior fittings :

Sleeps 7 - 3 double cabins

  • Aft owner double cabin with closet and wardrobe (double bed 140)
  • Aft head with shower and toilet
  • Galley in the port gangway
  • Central saloon
  • Central wheelhouse with pilot-berth and 360 ° visibility, double glazing tempered glass and 2 wipers
  • Double cabin on fore starboard with closet and wardrobe
  • Fore head with shower and toilet
  • Double cabin on forepeak with bunk bed and closet and wardrobe
  • Workshop

Listing :

Building and history

Designed and built by the owner, this aluminum cutter is isolated to travel in countries at extreme latitudes.
Sturdy, highly structured with torques and sleeks, this aluminum construction made with Nidaplast reinforced honeycomb flooring. The weights are centered and the engine advanced under the wheelhouse to the max. The windlass is located at the foot of the mast and the chain locker in the bottom at the shore's foot.
The underside's construction are build with submerged chines and topsides in form. The bottom of the keel has a thickness of 30mm and the plankings of keel 10mm.
The thickness of the bottom's chine is 10mm on 6 meters on fore and 8mm on aft.
The second chine 8 mm on 6 m on fore and 8 mm on aft.
The topsides are shaped: 5 mm
There are 28 ribs every 505 mm and the thickness of the deck is 5 mm.
The spacious cockpit is very confortable in the tropics. A free passage runs to the inside of the saloon from a vast aft platform, where you can access the dinghy. The dinghy is located on a cradle across the aft platform without passing over the water, leaving the possible passage below.

A word from the owner

The owner will necessarily tell you that his boat is the most beautiful, the best designed, long distance runner, but no more joke, I can say that this boat exceeds my expectations and may be considered a boat sailing very well upwind. She arrives very quickly at its speed of hull and proved itself in its crossings, she is a long distance runner.
For example, some averages:
- Fiji - Polynesia Upwind against wind and current, 1980 miles GPS 2268 miles on water 12 days including 1000 miles GPS in 5 days
- Nuku Hiva - hilo Hawaii 2220 miles GPS 2308 on water 12 1/2 days (some days at 208, 202, 199 miles)
- O'ahu (Honolulu) - Chignik Alaskan Peninsula 2190 miles GPS 2409 miles on water, 13 1/2 days
- Chile - Juan Fernandez 517 miles on water in 2 days and 10 hours, an average of 213 miles / day including one at 217 miles
These are the best averages, others were not so good but it gives an overview of his abilities.


Perkins M92 B 87 HP engine (3000 hrs)
Inverter ZF 45-1 reduction 2,512 / 1
Propeller shaft diameter 50 Inox T25 behind a Vibraless
Revolving seal ERCEM reinforced Kevlar
3 blade folding propeller (Duck) Diameter 26 inches and 19 inches forward with overdrive quiet weather or sail engine
Emergency 3 blade fixed propeller Maucourt Hydrapoise CA cupro aluminum diameter 25'' and 18 advancement
Joystick engine with Kobelt cable in the cockpit and inside the wheelhouse. Joystick permanently coupled inside and out (no differential manipulation)
Fuel tank: 1600 L
Diesel autonomy: approximately 3000 Miles (excluding heating stove)
Engine compartment accessible by removable sides, aft and fore panels

Cutter rigging

The majority of the pulley system is Fréderiksen Ronstan low friction RB (Torlon Billes roll)
The running rigging is in Dyneema except the sheets and lift

-2 Winches Andersen 72 for jib's sheet including 1 electric
-2 Winches Andersen 58 for staysail's sheet and gennaker
-2 Winches Andersen 52 for 2 cockpit blockers set of 4 blockers port and starboard + 2 blockers port and starboard of main traveller (jib 's furling block, Staysail, 3 reefs clew, boom lift, boom vang)
-1 main track on the 42 Series wheelhouse
-2 cheek block pulleys for jib Réa 125 RB (Torlon Billes roll)
-2 cheek block pulleys for staysail Réa 100 RB (Torlon Billes roll)
-2 vangs RB (Torlon Billes roll)

On the deck :
-2 sheet rails, traveller with piston for jib Réa RB (Torlon Billes roll)
-2 sheet rails, traveller with piston for staysail Réa RB (Torlon Billes Roller)
-2 organizers of 4 sheaves
-Boom vang in cascade system

-Sparcraft S1630 mast, rigging in the axis length 19450
-Pole D 125 6m
-Boom F1700 E = 6730
-1 Facnor furler for genoa LS290 / 20,5 drum (Torlon ball)
-1 Facnor furler for staysail LS180 / 16,5 (Torlon ball)
-1 Winch Andersen 46 for main halyards, (warping drum electric windlass if preferred). This same winch for the half halyards of jib and staysail on tensioning rail
-2 tensioning rails for jib and staysail
-Winch Andersen 46 for halyard, gennaker and spinnaker
-M series 26

-Lazy-bag lined Tempotestar beige
-HYDRANET triradial mainsail, 5 forced battens (TAROT) 61m2
-HYDRANET triradial Yankee (TAROT) 125% 75m2
-HYDRANET triradial satysail (TAROT) 31m2
-Triradial Gennaker 122 m2 Stormlite (TAROT)
-Spinnaker 200m2 with snuffer

Ground tackle

Lofran Falcon windlass 1500 W at foot mast
Main anchor: 40 Kg Spade anchor + 100 m chain of 12 (maneuver from the wheelhouse or bow with electric button up and down) + 300 m of rope
Emergency anchorage: Fob 20 Kg anchor + 10 m chain of 16 on stay
FX55 Fortress anchor in spare
The anchor chain goes under the deck in an aluminum tube filled with a PVC plastic wear tube for a clear deck
Roll reel for storing 100 m of 22mm rope + 2 of the same size on aft platform
8 anchorage points (4 on each side)
1 point of traction on fore ultra reinforced
Boom integrated into the hull with anchor sheave


750 L fresh water tank made of custom-made 10 mm polyethylene, group per max 4 with 25 L hydrophilic diaphragm
Watermaker 120 L/h 220 V with the generator set
Compact 40 L water heater (engine and 220 V)
Central heating: 3 radiators powered by a Reflex 2000KV stove and with coil
Hot water on all faucets, even on the aft platform
2 Sanimarin electric toilets
2 * 60 L holding tanks with 3-way valves for 2 Sanimarin grinding toilets
Electrolux washing machine (2011)
The bottom waters, showers and sinks are all recovered in a deep and narrow hotwel so that the water does not walk in the bilges. It is evacuated from 3 or 4 liters by a diaphragm pump with trigger pressure switch (Diaphragm pump Waste 24V)
Galley on starboard gangway open to the wheelhouse
Double sink in the center (no evacuation problem at heel)
120L Refrigerator (80mm Polyurethane reinforced panels, BD35 Danfoss Compressor)
Force 10 3-burners gas stove + oven


3 AC voltages: 24VC, 12VC and 220 V

The 24V is the main voltage managed by a system (Masterview Ethernet mastervolt), the current is stored by 12 elements 2 volt 420 Ah Mastervolt gel
Charged by:
1 dedicated alternator, engine of 150 Ah without any overpass, distribution diode and regulated by an external controller Mastervolt Apha pro 24 V with battery temperature sensor
Charge Master 24/100 charger on 220 V (generator or shore supply) with battery temperature sensor
Onan 7MDKBL generator set 1500 RPM 7 KW
3 Back Contact solar panels 185W, ie 555W-24V
MPPT 40A solar panel controller

The 12 V is managed for SIMNET Simrad network, VHF, BLU and a cigarette lighter plug
It is composed of a 12V 70A buffer battery automatically charged by a converter 24/12 18 Amp charger (the charge is done alone)

The 220 V, 13 * 220 V plugs distributed in the boat
It is generated by:
1 Onan 7MDKBL generator set 1500 RPM 7 KW
1 Shore supply
1 Pure Sinus Mass Sin 24/800 converter same as 800W Mastervolt (if need more power, there is the generator)

Electronics and navigation instruments

NSE 8 Simrad
Pack sailing, speed and depth Simrad
GPS GS 15 Simrad antenna
BR24 radar for NSE Simrad
Autopilot AP28 Simrad Performance Pack
Autopilot Gyros
AC 42 Calculator
Mini Gyro compass sensor
Feedback wheel sensor
Interphase Black Box sounder
15 'nevo screen for sounder or repeater NSE -BLU Icom 710
Pactor 3 for sailmail
AIS Transponder with Watchmate 850 screen
Kannad EPERBIB beacon
MZ chain counter
In rescue:
1 AC 42 calculator
1 autopilot Gyros
1 Feedback wheel sensor
Hydraulic wheelhouse:
Hydraulic pump Pilote Groupe Rv3 Lecomble et Schmit (+ 1 in spare)
2 lifting jacks VHM 50 DP C300 at station (including a spare)
2 hydraulic steering wheels in the cockpit, 115 CT Lecomble and Schmit pump
1 hydraulic steering wheel in the internal wheelhouse 90 CT Lecomble and Schmit
In emergency: 1 stationary lifting jack and a pump Group Rv3 Lecomble and Schmit

Safety equipment

Offshore category (2011)
Viking 8UKSL / RESC YOU PRO life raft 8 people (2011, in control at the moment)
EpirB Kanad Sport +Pro (2015)
2 AIS Kanad Safelinck R10 people beacon (2011, out-of-date batteries but still with three charge flash, the maximum)


3D Tender hard bottom dinghy 3.25m (used)
Mercury 20 HP outboard engine - 4 strokes (2011, works great)
The dinghy can be set on its cradle that locks for heavy sailings


Illuminated hard top on the entire cockpit
TV in the saloon that folds under the tray to clear the portholes
Majority of the technique located in the workshop: electrical panels, various pumps, electrical accessories, water maker, seawater anchor washing 3cv pump (70 L / minute at 10 Bars). The workshop remained raw insulation for easier access and control.
Large fore locker that acts as a waterproof safety box and serves as storage for the spinnaker and ropes
Aluminum locker on the deck to store the gennaker directly after use
Nidaplast reinfoced folding cockpit table
Outdoor closed cell polyurethane foam cushions
Length of the cockpit seats: 2 m
Swimming ladder
Electric pusher mounted at the foot of mast to mount the main or a person at the mast with the windlass warping drum

Last bottom paint: December 2018 - next bottom paint: December 2019

Main strengths

2011 Expertise for building compliance
Beautiful performances
Ready to go

Last modified : 17/10/2019


The boat's inventories are based on the indications given by the owners and even if we do our best to see that they are in accordance with the reality, there might be some differences. The boat's and equipment's condition has to be checked jointly by the buyer and seller before the sale. The respective responsibilities of both the seller and the buyer remain intact. In no case can Raiatea-yacht be held responsible for any defect on the boat.

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