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Ezcurra 13.50 croiseur alu one-off
(13,58 m) - 2012

Layout :

  • Length : 13,58 m (44' 6")
  • Max length: 13,58 m
  • Length: 12.50 m
  • Beam: 3.85 m
  • Draft: 1,85 m
  • Draft of air: 17,60 m
  • Light displacement: 9 tons
  • Maximum displacement: 11 tons
  • Lest: 2900 kg of lead
  • Hull: 29.3 m²
  • Keel: 5.67 m²
  • Rudder: 2.1 m²
  • Engine: Yanmar 53 HP

Sailboat designed for proper navigation. It has been designed to be safe and autonomous for long-term.

Based in French Polynesia

Price : 27,6 M XPF / 230 000 €

Equipped for great trip and studied for both tropics and cold countries.

Interior fittings :

6 to 8 berths

  • 3 double cabins + 2 berths in the living room
  • Large, well-equipped kitchen with oven
  • Bathroom with WC
  • Saloon

Listing :


Professional construction hull built in aluminum 5083 in 2012 by Horacio EZCURRA, architect specialized in shipping yachts for Southern Patagonia and Antarctica. It is a travel boat / expedition rigged cutter-sloop.

Doing charter while crossing the Atlantic and South Pacific, from La Rochelle through Las Palmas, the Canaries, Cape Verde, then Guadeloupe, Grenadines, Colombia. Then cross the Panama Canal, to reach French Polynesia through the Marquesas and Gambiers.

Engine: Yanmar 53 HP, shaft, 490 ms of autonomy.


Surface of sails:
93 m² upwind
125 m² downwind
Main sail: 45 m², possibility of taking 4 reefs
Yankee: 48 m², on SELDEN retractor
Storm-jib: 18 m², on SELDEN reel
Fore stay-sail: 9 m²
Asymmetric spinnaker: 80m² 1.5 oz

Ground tackle


3 double cabins + 2 berths in the living room (each berth has an anti-roll cloth)
Large closets in each cabin
Comfortable saloon
Cockpit with panoramic vision
Large, well-equipped kitchen with oven
Central heating Reflex and 7 centimeters of thermal and acoustic insulation
Heating and auxiliary alcohol stove
Outside helm station protected by an aluminum cap
Straight bar for simplicity and finesse of sensations


Solar panels


Radar detector
3 GPS, including 2 plotters
Satellite phone
Hot-spot WiFi / iridium
LED lighting
Ipad, electronic cartography, GRIB weather updates


Semi-rigid dinghy, aluminum bottom with 4-stroke outboard engine


False bow "icebreaker" for a possible collision doubled by a large bulkhead (crash box)
2 crash box / bulkheads at the stern
2 watertight bulkheads in the keel: one for ballast, another for diesel (main tank)
Hinged down door
Distress beacon


Last fairing:

Main strengths

Aluminum sailboat, well maintained and ready to sail.
Studied for both tropics and cold countries, long-term autonomous
Great comfort, simple, safe, and above all without any nasty surprises.
It's a reassuring boat, performing and simple.

Last modified : 14/08/2018


The boat's inventories are based on the indications given by the owners and even if we do our best to see that they are in accordance with the reality, there might be some differences. The boat's and equipment's condition has to be checked jointly by the buyer and seller before the sale. The respective responsibilities of both the seller and the buyer remain intact. In no case can Raiatea-yacht be held responsible for any defect on the boat.

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