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Ovni Custom 455
(15,20 m) - 2000

Layout :

  • Length : 15,20 m (49' 10")
  • Beam: 4.45m
  • Draft: 0.9 to 2.5m
  • Material: aluminium
  • Displacment: 18 tons
  • Engine: Volvo Penta TMD22 78 HP turbocharged three-bladed propoller Max Prop (2000h)

Tax paid for French Polynesia. Based in French Polynesia

Based in French Polynesia

Price : 32,22 M XPF / 270 000 €

Full aluminium centerboarder. Owner cabin, very well maintained. Ready to sail ! Long-term autonomous.

Interior fittings :

8 berths

  • 3 cabins :
  • Aft starboard: 2x1.5m, wardrobe, 2 open-shelves, 1 locker, 4 opened-panels
  • Port starboard: 2x0.8m, 3 closets, 1 locker, 3 open compartments
  • Own cabin: 2x1.5m on port, berth: 1.6x0.7m on starboard, 2wardrobes, 2 closets, 1 locker, 2 big shelves with a private bathroom
  • Saloon (can be matched to 2 berths)
  • Galley on port
  • 2 bathrooms with 1 manual and 1 electric WC

Listing :

Building and historic

Type OVNI 455 full aluminum centerboard sailboat, built in 2000 by the Alubat shipyards of Les Sables d'Olonnes, according to architect Philippe Briand's plans. It is rigged in cutter and thus has two sails of front: genoa and staysail, plus a mainsail, which gives him a sail surface of 140 m2.
This sailboat is known for the strength and lightness of its aluminum hull. For its draft of less than one meter, drift recovery, ideal for Polynesian lagoons. Finally, for the customization of the layout of the boat: the deck, deck hardware, mast, sails, electrical equipment and all instrumentation. A thousand pages of technical documentation have been produced for its construction, making it already a unique vessel.


Volvo Penta TMD22 78CV turbocharged - three-bladed propeller Max Prop (2000h)
Three alternators coupled to the engine, total power 4.5 KW
Fuel tank: 2x400L


Staysail: 31 m² instead of 15 in standard, making it a medium to strong sailing weather. It allows to drive in very comfortable conditions even with strong wind.
The mast has 3 stages of pushing arrows bars. In this way the position of the staysail stay coincides with the last stage of arrows bars.
The stays and turnbuckles were oversized.
The balance of the boat is perfect and the feeling of bar very pleasant.
Great genoa (for the light weather or the medium, so it is never half-rolled in navigation).
Mainsail (fast reefing, operational in less than 2 minutes from the cockpit)
All modifications of sails, sheets, halyards, automatic reefing, windings of the genoa and staysail, spinnaker and various adjustments are done safely from the cockpit. It is not necessary to move on the roof.

Ground tackle

Windlass 24V 1.5 KW
Delta Anchor of 20Kg with 100m chain of 12
Anchor Delta of 20Kg relief
2 Fortress anchors, one with 10m of chain and 30m of leaded end
100m of 30mm end


Fresh water: 2x200L
Watermaker HP ceramic pump 1.5KW 120L/h
1 manual and 1 electric toilets
Toaster and electric kettle
Microwave oven
Washing machine marinized
Refrigerator and freezer operating permanently, cooling by sea water or by fresh water exchanger
Electric water heater (also powered by a motor exchanger)
Television with antenna mast and amplifier
HiFi system with two interior speakers and two marine outdoor speakers
CD / DVD player
Classic power tools such as drill, jigsaw, grinder
Always have 3 KW in 220V


12 solar panels of 12V (17W unit) mounted in series / parallel
24V voltage can reduce all online losses by a factor of 4, and increase the real performances of devices such as bow thruster and windlass
 2 completely separate battery banks, each with its alternator, charger, solar panels and all control systems - alarms, amperes and percent counters, voltmeter, ammeter, ... (if necessary the 2 parks can be connected in parallel)
Chargers and alternators with optimized charge curves for batteries
Gel batteries with high charging current to optimize charging times
3 engine starting options: on 12V battery reserved for the engine, on one or other of the 12V midpoints of the two 24V parks
8 gel batteries for a total capacity of 13.4KW (Changed in June 2013, each weighing 50kg, they are placed in central position, under the floor of the saloon and on the lead ballast of 4.5 tons)
3 engine alternators: 2x28V 80A, 1x14V 50A is 4,5KW hitched on the motor
Northern Lights 1500 RPM 6.5 KVA Generator Set
All this electrical installation has been working for 17 years without any problem

At the chart table:
24V Electrical Panel (1)
24V Electric Panel (2)
12V electrical panel
220V electrical panel
Medium power selection panel on banks (1) or (2)
Selector between the two 12V-sources
Selector between the four 220V-sources
Amper meter (1) - new in 2015,
Multifunction (1)
Voltmeter (1)
Leakage controller (1)
Charger intensity adjustment (1)
Amper meter (2) - new in 2015
Multifunction (2)
Voltmeter (2)
Leakage controller (2)
Charger intensity adjustment (2)
Water tanks gauge, port and starboard
Diesel tanks gauge, port and starboard


Chart table:
Radio receiver 1
Radio receiver 2
Standard C - downgraded
Iridium - new in 2015
Distress beacon - new in 2017
GPS - downgraded
Anemometer - new mast part 2012
4 KW color radar with ARPA system, plotter and dual-frequency sounder, Navionics cartography

Companion way
Anemometer - new air in 2012
Radar signal detector and radar signature amplifier
Secondary radar screen - decommissioned

Helm station :
Thruster Controls
Drift controls
Multi-function indicator
Dual-frequency color sounder - new in 2014
Color sonar background profile
Instruments engine, rev counter, voltmeter, ammeter, oil pressure, ON / OFF alternators 24V
5KW MaxPower retractable bow thruster, 2-blade propellers and 140 Kg of thrust, joystick-controlled from the bar
Autohelm 7000 hydraulic pilot, three control positions: helm, downhill, chart table
Windlass 1.5 KW breakout power 1.5 ton


5 people hard bottom RIB, changed in 2010


Life raft


Dodger and bimini
Bottom paints regularly carried out every 12 or 18 months at the Technimarine shipyard in Tahiti
Hull and deck completely sanded and repainted in late 2014

Last fairing: Last week of May 2018

Main strengths

Full aluminium centerboard, beautiful front cabin, well maintained.
Warm and bright interior.
Sailboat ready to sail, very well equipped and long-term autonomous !

Last modified : 20/09/2020


The boat's inventories are based on the indications given by the owners and even if we do our best to see that they are in accordance with the reality, there might be some differences. The boat's and equipment's condition has to be checked jointly by the buyer and seller before the sale. The respective responsibilities of both the seller and the buyer remain intact. In no case can Raiatea-yacht be held responsible for any defect on the boat.

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