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Commuter 72'
(23,00 m) - 2001

Layout :

  • Length : 23,00 m (75' 4")
  • Width: 9 m
  • Draught: 0.70 m
  • Headroom: 1.90 m
  • Curb Weight: 16 tons
  • Material: aluminum hulls, deck and structure composite (carbon balsa)
  • Engines: John Deere 85 HP

Duties paied in French Polynesia

Based in French Polynesia

Price : 83,5 M XPF / 700 000 €

Price as is: € 700 000, Refurbished: 900 000 €

Propellant sailing innovative, excellent sea keeping qualities, extensive interior and neat. Jim Antrim plan.

Interior fittings :

12 beds

Port and starboard hulls symmetrical

  • Descent leading to the rear
  • A double cabin with storage and removable desktop
  • Bathroom / WC and shower
  • Access to the engine room (access by the bridge also possible)
  • Central descent leading to:
  • Central double cabin
  • Bathroom / WC and shower
  • Double cabin forward
  • Bathroom / WC with shower
  • Access to the nose


  • Vast square, with four fixed tables
  • Large galley kitchen
  • Central cockpit

Listing :


Catamaran Motorsailer type Commuter 72 'built in 2001, according to Jim Antrim plans.
The hulls are made of aluminum construction Marinalu to Raiatea (French Polynesia and the composite structure to sites Triboulat Gilles (Raiatea, Gilles Triboulat Shipyard).

The composite structure is balsa sandwich (platform) and Divinycell PVC foam (roof and beams). Large carbon reinforcements surround all areas of solicitation.

The epoxy resin, recommended by the architect comes from ONE COMPOSITE California (US supplier ships the America's Cup). The composite parts were performed under vacuum.

This highly innovative catamaran was designed at the request of current owner, who wanted at once a reliable boat and marine and energy consumption reduced.
The gamble has paid off with this engine sailing: its slender hulls allow excellent penetration into the waves, whatever the weather, his wing of 70 m² and can be maneuvered very easily from 15-20 knots of wind is enough to move the boat.

The boat was equipped and furnished for use in charter. But he has hardly ever been used in this configuration.
Its owner has sailed to Polynesia to New Caledonia and New Zealand.
The catamaran has just returned from New Zealand.


Two inboard motors of 85 hp John DEERE 2007 each (1300 and 900 hours)
Two propellers in tunnels Maxprop streamlined: the helices are well protected and the boat is beached
Reserve 2800 liters of diesel in total

On engine 1400 - 1500 rev / min, the vessel was underway at 7 knots with a consumption of 1 L / mile.
With two engines, its top speed is 12 knots.
Its capacity is about 2 800 000 mini (much more if the wing is used alone).


Carbon mast / redcedar and balsa 2010 (New Zealand)
Electrically controlled wing, composed of a double battened mainsail of 70 m² in 2010.
Fletner control


Inner bar hydraulic
2 joysticks outdoors


Electric windlass with 24 V, 3500 Maxwell
Main anchor: anchor Manson 45 kg with 50 meters of chain and rode 12 of 18
Secondary anchor: fluke anchor 20kg with 25 meters of chain 12
Manson Anchor 25 kg


Freshwater: two tanks of 500 liters or 1000 liters in total
Spectra watermaker 24 V 50 L / h
4 burner gas flush Eno
Electric oven
Sink two large tanks, pressurized fresh water
Tables and worktops composite shell
Danfoss refrigerator about 24 150 liters V
Danfoss freezer about 24 150 liters V
6 WC 24 V electrical
6 showers
2 black water tanks of 500 liters or 1000 liters in total
Car radio CD 12 V
LED Lighting in the galley


Circuit with 24 V / 12 V / 220 V bipolar
Battery maintenance-free service: 480 Ah at 24 V in February 2011
12 solar panels of 85 Wp or Wp 1020 total (currently 4 2 with replacement)
2 Marine Air Wind at 24 V
Inverter / battery charger Trace 220 V / 24 V from 3 kW


Circuit of 12 V
VHF: Furuno
Fishfinder / GPS Furuno GP 16 50 F
Vane / anemometer Nexus
Furuno Autopilot, hydraulic cylinder 300 Leroy Sommer FAP
Motorola Iridium


Appendix rigid Dory 4.40 m (with mast and sail)
4 HP Yamaha outboard engine 4 T


2 liferafts Plastimo 6 people
2 Beacon EPIRB


Portico with davits
Bimini 2010
Two-steering (to be finalized)
Last Fairing: 2009 (expected 2012)

Work required:

Painting of deck and cockpit
Exchange of solar panels, wind turbines replacing
Repair of pumps.


Unique design, excellent sea keeping qualities.
Its shell-drilling waves enable the boat to not slow down or type in the sea The boat is very comfortable, stable and efficient in all ages and all weather conditions.
The catamaran can be controlled by a single person, his wing is extremely easy to operate and carries from 15 knots of wind.
The propellers very protected and shallow draft allow access to all atolls, ski rivers, ...
Its comfortable interior and custom (oysters, palms, ...) give a very warm air.

Last modified : 07/02/2017


The boat's inventories are based on the indications given by the owners and even if we do our best to see that they are in accordance with the reality, there might be some differences. The boat's and equipment's condition has to be checked jointly by the buyer and seller before the sale. The respective responsibilities of both the seller and the buyer remain intact. In no case can Raiatea-yacht be held responsible for any defect on the boat.

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