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Lévrier 18
(18,00 m) - 2006

Layout :

  • Length : 18,00 m (59' 0")
  • Max. beam: 5.20m
  • Draft: 2.90m
  • Headroom: 2m
  • Light displacement: 20,000kg ( 44,0925 lbs)
  • Construction Materials: Aluminium
  • Rigging: Sloop
  • Engine: VOLVO PENTA 60HP

First hand.

Based in New Caledonia

Price : 57,2 M XPF / 480 000 €

Elegant boat. Sailing boat combining comfort and performances. Robust and a done deal.

Interior fittings :

Sleeps: 10

  • Interior layout modular (saloon, cabin).
  • 2 plates/identical tables in plywood with carbone protective coating surrounded of bamboo. It used for navigation corner or meal corner.
  • 1 table for 6 persons and can be dismantled. You can put it under the berth of the centrale cabin.
  • 4 flexible bunks on horizontal block and tackle at the lair.
  • Longitudinal bench seat interchangeable. The emplacement can be modify and hanged on a aluminium structure.
  • 5 transverse bench on a box.
  • 12 shelfs in plywood 3 and 4 mm with a lacquered coating whose 3 for navigation instrument.
  • Flat floor surface (without table and berth) between the bench, for divers activities (gymnastic, yoga, child games).
  • Aft part cabin : Headroom 1,90 m at the entrance.
  • Berth : 1,90 m x 1,90 m allowing the bedtime in both ways on 6 storage box.
  • Cabin central : Headroom 1,90 m.
  • Berth 1,90 m x 1,40 m can be converted in 2 berth overlapping.
  • Wardrobe 0,55 m x 0,55 m x 1,60 m.
  • 4 shelfs in plywood 3 and 4 mm with leather covering belted with bamboo.
  • Washbasin on storage.
  • Fore cabin : Headroom 1,90 m.
  • Berth 1,50 m x 1,90 m.
  • 8 shelfs in plywood 3 and 4 mm with leather covering belted with bamboo.
  • Wardrobe 0,45 m x 0,60 m x 1,60 m.
  • 1 Washbasin on storage.
  • Bench 0,90 m x 0,45 m on a box, can be a child's berth.
  • Storage cabin : Headroom 1,90 m.
  • In front of the cabin central : little cabin with sliding door :
  • 2 berths overlapping 0,70 m x 1,90 m
  • or
  • 1 berth 0,70 m x 1,90m with storage volume 1,20 m x 0,60 m
  • or
  • can be used like a storage.

Listing :


LEVRIER 18 aluminium type, ULDB keel boat (Ultra Light Displacement Boat), built by Alubat shipyard according to the design of Jean-Marie Finot. Lauching in 2006.
Cockpit shaped on frameworks, floor plates and smooth welded to the planks.
Planks: thickness 10 to 6 mm.
Deck: thickness 4 mm, welded on bars and trestle-trees.
Fixed keel: Aluminium sail with ballast bulb.
Two independant rudder blades.
6 frameworks connected to the hull to maintain 3 ballasts of 1 400 L (in total) on each edge.

Layout construction:
-Insulation of deck and hull until the waterline.
-Polystyrene foam high density (stirodur) 4 cm.
-Thin insulation 2 cm, multilayers 11 thickness.
-Sandwich partitioning in polyurethan foam 1 to 2 cm and marin plywood 3 mm.
-Coating bulkhead by inside planking in bamboo 3mm.
-Floorboard in plywood or sandwich panels with teak tile coating.

Main engin: VOLVO TMD 22 Diesel situated at the foot of the descent, very accessible (1600 hours).

VOLVO cable gland
JPROP 27' three-bladed propeller auto-feathering
4 indenpendant fuel filters
Aluminium fuel tank 550L with intern partition.

2 ELVSTROM big sails 90m2 including a new one.

ELVSTROM genoa 130%, ELVSTROM 120m2.
Big solent 90m2 mounted on a FACNOR reel.
Solent of breeze 80 m2 mounted on a FACNOR reel.
Small solent 40 m2 mounted on a FACNOR reel.
New small solent 35 m2 mounted on a FACNOR reel.
Light genoa 130 m2 mounted on a FACNOR reel.
Cod 0 to 150 m2 mounted on a FACNOR furling.
Gennaker 180 m2 asymmetric.
Storm jib 16 m2 mounted on a stay release.

Mast/ boom/ bat boom: JP Marechal fabrication-France.
Aluminium, 3 spreader floors.
White paint.
Rod standing rigging for the lateral and in single strand for longitudinal, SPECTRAand KEVLAR bastaque, SPECTRA hoist bastaque
NAVTEC hydraulics for the boom-vang cylinder and backstay.
SPECTRA halliard.
SUNBRELLA boom with lazy bag and SPECTRA lazy jack
Boom equipped with fast reefing with direct return to the cockpit.
Rails ont the mat with FREDERIKSENslide for GV.
2 FREDERIKSEN rails with clamps for fixed halyards of sails on reels.
1 rail spinnaker pole end fitting bat boom with hale crank.
4 PLASTIMOaluminium wedge.
4 folding mat steps.

Ground tackle

LOFRANS windlass 2000W with gypsy under the deck.
Chain well with 60m of 12mm chain and a DELTA anchor 32kg.
Main DELTA LEWMAR anchor 40kg, 60m of galvanized of 12mm chain
Hawser 40 m.
FORTRESS aluminium light anchor maneuver 20kg, can easily be tied to the main anchor. 20m of galvanized chain 12mm, hawser 22mm of 80m.
Secondary FOB anchor 30kg with 30m of galvanized chain 10mm. Hawser 22mm of 100m.
Black dock moorings 22mm, four times 25m.
Various hawser of mooring, 20m, 40m, 60m etc.


LAVAC toilet facing forward on a water tank and handshower.
Waxing cupboard 0,67 m x 0,50 m x 1,20 m (height).


Electric board fully equipped with BLUE SEA bipolar circuit breakers.
General breaker coming from the two battery farms.
Equipment indicator: Main engine, fuel gauge heating.
24V multimeter, 220V multimeter, 12V voltmeter,
12V leak tester, 24V leak tester.
Watt and sea hydrogenator 20Amp in 24V at 8 knots.
Solar panels: (2 x 85 watts and 2 x 90 watts) so 350 watt in total.
ATM D400 wind generator 400W
FISHER PANDA 4500 generator
12V alternator and 24V alternator connected on the main engine.
CRISTEC CPS 1200 24V battery charger of 50 Amp.
CRISTEC CPS 12V battery charger of 10 Amp.
VICTRON Inverter sineware of 1200 watts.
4 battery parks:
-Easement: 2 parks of 4 battery (6V and 240Amp both).
-Bow thruster max power VIP 150, 2 battery 12V and 120Amp both.
-Motor (main and generator) 1 battery of 12V 110Amp.

Electronics and navigation tools

Electronic main KNE, speedometer, anemometer, sounder, pilot, GPS.
FURUNO NAV NET radar with chart plotter, sounder, independant spedometer.
RAYMARINE VHF with double handset, cockpit and inside, independant antenna head of mat.
SSB, BLU ICOM ICM 802 with modem pactor controler, allowing to receive mails on board with antenna 7,50 m.
Iridium with modem and exterior antenna deportes, allowing the lecture of gribb files and mails on board computer.
BHLKEN WESTERLAND electronic barometer B.
NISB 2001 board computer can receive all the informations coming from all devices on board with mapping and MAX SEA navigation programs and OPEN CPM.
MATSUTEC AIS tranceiver GPS and independant antenna.
CRISTEC ammeter,
BEP MONITOR 600-DCSM DC system monitor ammeter
ALPINE oradio with 4 indoor speakers and 2 inside the cockpit, with independant antenna at the top of the mat.
Remote computer screen.
Multiplexer retransmitting reader data for wifi towards all the board computer and tablet.


Zodiac west marine annex 2,40m, GRP rigid floor flip-board, can be stocked on the deck in his SUNBRELLA slipcover, thickness max 20cm by 2,20m x 0,95m.
SUZUKI engine 6HP 4 times.
AVON annex 2,00m with flexible floor, can be placed on the back shelf of the ship.


1 SUNBRELLA downhill hood pale grey.
1 bimini above the helmsman's seat in SUNBRELLA pale grey.
1 interleaved tent between the downhill hood and the bimini, allowing to cover the entire cockpit.
Large «mediterranean» taut covering all the bridge space between the mat and the back ramp.
13 deck panels protections in Sunbrella, including the sailing hold.
2 SUNBRELLAprotection for gas cylinder.
2 SUNBRELLA protection for lifebuoys.
2 SUNBRELLA protection for pulleys of the hoists of batasque.
2 SUNBRELLA slipcover for sail on the big and low forestay.

Last modified : 18/01/2018


The boat's inventories are based on the indications given by the owners and even if we do our best to see that they are in accordance with the reality, there might be some differences. The boat's and equipment's condition has to be checked jointly by the buyer and seller before the sale. The respective responsibilities of both the seller and the buyer remain intact. In no case can Raiatea-yacht be held responsible for any defect on the boat.

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