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Our services

Flyer RAIATEA YACHT plays the go- between for the seller of a boat and its potential buyer. We need to tell the difference between services provided on one hand to the buyer and on the other hand to the seller.

You are a BUYER, we propose you to:

Whatever your plans are - sabbatical year, sailing through new destinations (Patagonia, Australia, Alaska...), work achievement - we'll provide you with a personalized service.

You are a SELLER, our role is to:

We propose exclusive or non-exclusive sales mandate.


We are only intermediates whose aim is to facilitate meetings between buyers and sellers, in no case can we be held responsible for any defect on the boat or for default of payment.
The boat's inventories are based on the indications given by the owners and even if we do our best to see that they are in accordance with the reality, there might be some differences. The boat's and equipment's condition has to be checked jointly by the buyer and seller before the sale.
The respective responsibilities of both the seller and the buyer remain intact.